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Traveling has been a part of me ever since. When I do travel, I travel deeply. I explore off the grid. I meet the people. I take an adventurous deep dive into nature and culture and let myself get carried away by the stories I get to hear from the strangers I meet along the way. I believe that traveling can break cultural barriers and open mindsets. Therefore I believe it to be my duty to share every story I hear, every lesson I learn, and the impeccable beauty of our planet with the world — through my art.



From the volcano-framed, candy-coloured city Antigua, to hiking 7 hours on top of a volcano to becoming a witness of the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle of an eruption. Spending time at a mystical lake called Lago Atitlàn, where beauty, wonder and magic collide. With a lot of adventurous anecdotes along the way. A once-in-a-lifetime roadtrip that brought me insights into Mayan culture and connected me once again with beautiful Mother Earth.



Efie – “home” in Twi, one of the main languages spoken in Ghana. This is how I felt, the second I touched down on Ghanaian soil for the very first time. I felt home. This feeling grew stronger after every fufu I ate, after every conversation I had with locals and after every acrobats song I danced along to.

A feeling of belonging, a feeling of being in the right place, at the right time. A feeling that couldn’t be taken away from me anymore. Literally. Only 6 months after visiting Ghana for the first time, I decided to pack my bags, relocate to Ghana and make it my “efie”. 


Costa Rica.

June 2020 – the peak of the pandemic. Costa Rica – the first country that opened its border to Swiss citizens. And me – booking a one-way ticket immediately. Traveling solo through Costa Rica as the only tourist in the country was most probably the best thing I could have done. Having all the tourist sites still shut down, “living the local life” received all of the sudden a different meaning. 

I’m Cyn Blooms. A content creator and social media marketer. I’m here to connect brands with their audience, one story at a time