Ornaments of time.

There are places where I – a storyteller, an artist, a dreamer – get lost. A place where time slips away. A place that forms a moment of stillness, because I get reminded that time is actually only a reflection of change. Old ruins, or how I like to call them – Ornaments of time – are waking up the dreamer in me. Perhaps because the broken parts in a ruin require my imagination to fill them in. Or maybe because it makes me feel connected to history and cultural memory. Possibly because I am picturing the multiple stories that were written at that exact place over several centuries. Isn’t it fascinating? To be filling up a space with a part of your own story and contributing to a timeless masterpiece of stories. All the present greatness could one day fall into ruin. And we would be left with only one thing- our story. 

Living in freedom.


recognize that we are all human, incapable of achieving perfection and all in desperate need of forgiveness and grace.

so, with a heart of wisdom-

show mercy,

exhibit grace.

so, that you may live in freedom and walk towards the beautiful future that you were created for.

essentially, you become debilitated- unable to move and show up in the world in the way that you were created to – all because, you took on the spirit of offense and chose not to forgive.

I stand here.

I stand here – feeling the tremor right underneath my feet. I stand here – not only smelling the smoke from the fire that is keeping me warm, but also smarting my eyes. I stand here – hearing the explosion in the distance, wondering where the lava hit this time. I stand here – feeling the touch of your hand, as you take mine into yours -and feeling your glance on my face, too. I smile. I stand here – seeing probably one of the most insane sunsets I have ever seen in my whole life. I stand here – captivated by the beauty surrounding me. Feeling life with every sense of my body and taken in by it. Taken in with a force, a force like a wave crashing over me, covering me and carrying me into the deep sea. I feel flooded by the love of the divine. And I become all alive. 

I’m Cyn Blooms. A content creator and social media marketer. I’m here to connect brands with their audience, one story at a time