Stories. Stories. And more stories.


I believe everyone has a story worth telling. The joyful and the tearful — the brave one and the dirty one — the adventurous story and the dull story. Every story is worthy to be told. Stories are what makes us human. It builds connection. It makes us feel alive. And I am here to capture these stories visually— and make them bloom.


Meet Christiana – the one that brings hope

5 years on our earth. 5 years in an orphanage. She doesn’t know what it means to be educated and nurtured by her own parents. And yet, with her joyful, loving nature, she proves us one thing: there is hope, even in the most difficult circumstances.


Meet Rosalinda – the grateful weaver

She’s the oldest, yet most vivid person in the “Asociación De Mujeres En Colores Botanico”, a women weaving cooperation in Guatemala. Guarding the space by herself, whilst there are some local festivities going on, she is waiting for her weaving lady friends to come back and tell her all the stories they collected. The weaving cooperation and her weaving friends are all she has left- her two daughters and her husband got killed in a car accident, she was the only one who made it out alive. She mourns for them every day, yet she decides to live a life of abundant gratitude. 


Meet Christo – the Kente-artisan of Kumasi

Having weaved for almost 20 years of his life, Christo is a pro at his craft. Living in Ghana, with its high living costs, hasn’t been easy for him. He started weaving early in his life. He knew, if he masters this skill, this will bring him food to the table at the end of the day. Not some fancy food, but enough to survive. So he practiced, practiced, and practiced. Today he weaves at Tumi, a non-profit hostel that creates income opportunities for underprivileged women through skills training in Kumasi. Although he is not a woman, he got lucky enough to have received a job there to not only weave Kente cloth for the king of the Ashanti people, but to also pass his knowledge on this craft to some kids that are in the same situation, as he was 20 years ago. 

I’m Cyn Blooms. A content creator and social media marketer. I’m here to connect brands with their audience, one story at a time